*metal shrieking sounds*


S – 5
P – 3
E – 3
C – 3
I – 10
A – 5
L – 3
Total: 32

Talents— 10
Alertness –
Animal Handling – 2
Athletics –
Awareness – 5 (Appraiser & Searching)
Empathy –
Expression –
Intimidation –
Leadership –
Streetwise – 3 (Fencing)
Subterfuge –
Survival -

Skills— 13
Brawl – 3 (Submission Holds)
Bow & Arrow –
Drive –
Etiquette –
Firearms – 4 (Tech)
Larceny –
Martial Arts –
Melee – 3 (Improvised)
Performance –
Pilot –
Stealth – 3 (Hiding in Plain Sight)
Torture -

Knowledges— 10
Academics –
Alchemy –
Computer –
Crafts – 5 (Gunsmithing & Gadjets)
Enchanting –
Finance –
Investigation –
Law –
Magic –
Medicine –
Science – 5 (Mechanical & Electrical Engineering)

Merits – 6
Fast Learner (3)
Precocious (3)

Flaws – 5 (+4)
Cannibal (2)
Illiterate (1)
Superstitious (2)


~Pusheen, a robot from a deserted planet by its native inhabitants because of their misuse and neglect of it’s delicate ecosystems and plunging it into a hot polluted hell of greenhouse gasses, destructively toxic chemicals, and other unpleasantries, had assumed himself to be the last “living” thing on the planet and went about with no direction and after close inspection of other deactivated robots of his likeness, he found that his programming harbored several glitches that made him slightly different from the others, but unbeknownst to him, one of these in fact saved him and solely him from the kill switch timer programmed into every one of the robots. Alone and abandoned on his world, he decided he would try to take up the art of creativity and creation, and did some self exploration to discover more about himself as much as the world.
~He began his adventure with the recreation of “simple” machines and mechanisms, like micro fusion reactors and portable quantum tunneling devices, but he quickly became bored with it and started delving more into his inner workings and soon after discovering his body is highly modifiable, he started remodeling himself. He installed what he thought might be useful in getting him back into the crafting mood, like an internal refinery, so he can “eat” metals and ores and such and refine them into more useful materials, and he acquired civil repair nanobots focused on repairing the city and repurposed them to repairing him and also taking instructions from him to take provided materials and incorporate them into his body, or just take simple materials to repair faster.
~During one of his scavenging runs he found a very large underground facility and peaking his curiosity, he went straight in. After a bit of exploring he came upon a machine he couldn’t immediately determine the purpose of, because in every way it was just a door, albeit made of a material he’s never seen before, with nothing on the other side of it, just sitting in the middle of the room. Seeing nothing else to do to discover its purpose, he opened it and walked through. His vision went static for a moment, but other than that nothing happened. Disappointed, he shut the door behind him, and with the click of the latch, everything went black.
~All was dark, all of his external sensors giving no information, no time, no location, no velocity, his internal sensors measuring temperature instantly maxed out. Suddenly everything was heat and pressure, and just as instantly as it came, it went. He floated in the darkness, a little white hot and very frightened. Nothing happened for what could have been any amount of time and just as sudden as the pressure flash, he began hurtling in no direction in particular, and was quite literally going nowhere fast. Very, very fast, faster than his internal speedometer, which capped out at 99.9999% the speed of light, and with a stop as sudden as everything else and such a large dispersal of energy it distorted the space around him, he was somewhere else.
~He looked around at the ancient cobbled stone buildings, some collapsed, some torched, some where he assumed were buildings but are just large craters, and all devoid of life, and he left. He shared no interest with these simple constructions and he went about to find something more interesting.


Izecland Dinny Cruuvo