Chaos Magic

Chaos Wizards and Sorcerers have potential to become some of the strongest beings, as well as the most hindering with their unpredictable magic.

Elemental Magic

Elementalists specialize in controlling the elements to turn their foes to dust. Everything from lightning and fire to earth and ice.

Blood Mage

Blood Mages have astounding control over their own bodies. Weaponizing blood and bone to attack their foes with extremely deadly potential, at risk to themselves.

Druidic Magic

Druids have profoundly attuned to the earth and it’s natural life. From controlling plants to communing with animals, druid’s have the best control of the natural realm.

Holy Magic

Holy Magic belongs nearly entirely to the clergy and adventuring paladins. Holy Magic quickly revokes the undead and has the most effective healing and supportive spells than any other school of Magic.

Dark Magic

The school of Dark Magic is practiced often for it’s wide arrangement of spells. From offensive dark blasts to supportive illusions to protect the caster’s party in creative and spectacular ways.

School of Animation

The School of Animation has two different forms of Magic that an aspiring wizard could learn. The more broad use of animation for giving life to inanimates and even bringing to life powerful Golem protectors, or the menacing use of necromancy to bring about the ranks of the undead.

School of Psionics

The School of Psionics is for Wizards who wish to control the world around them. From telepathic messages to mental domination. As well as telekinesis and matter projection can all be learned under the School of Psionics.


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