Adventurer’s Guild

A guild focusing on charting and exploring the world and uncovering it’s treasures and riches. Often joined by young adventurers and warriors looking to find a name fame and gold.

Wizard’s Guild

A guild focusing on the world’s secrets and mysteries. Occasionally exploring ruins and dungeons, the guild often operates under their own roof rather than the outside world. But the guild’s halls are said to be much bigger on the inside than on the outside.

Alchemist’s Guild

A Much smaller and relaxed guild. A small circle of alchemist helping trade secrets and recipes for the new hit potions and luxury remedies. Some however collect together to share nefarious poisons and toxins under the counter.

Merchant’s Guild

A large but still under-tasked guild is the Merchant’s guild. Rather than putting their member’s to task they act more of a union to make sure they do not run each other out of business while trading secrets and goods with one another.

The Unlawful Society

A malevolent guild of crooks. Their head quarter’s are rumored to be in Vildren. The guild itself ranges from purse snatchers to assassins willing to behead kings.


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