Church of the Staring Moon

Location – Vildren

+Occasional Clairovoyance

Chapel of Vanity

Location – Vildren

+ Luxury & Junk Item Drop Rate

+ Gold Drop Rate

-Negative Views from the Public

-Less Trusted

Chapel of Dice

Location – Vildren

+ More Effective 20’s

- More Penalizing 1’s

Church of Mahuism

Location – Vildren

+ Mahumancy

+ More Effective Bardic Magic

- Drastically Less Effective in Any Other School of Magic

- Viewed as a Heathen by the Wizard’s Guild

Temple of the Merciful Creed

Location – Vildren

+More Effective Support Magic and Holy Magic

+ Positive Views from the Public

+ Well Trusted

- Less Effective Combat Magic Outside of Holy Magic

- Significantly Weaker to Dark Magic

Chapel of Fire and Steel

Location – Vildren

+Slightly More Effective Use of Melee Wapons

+Slightly More Effective Use of Technology

+Slightly More Effective Use of Archery Weapons

+Slightly More Effective Use of Pharmaceuticals

-Drastically Less Effective in All Schools of Magic

-Drastically Less Efficient Potion Brewing

-Viewed Poorly by the Wizard’s Guild

Chapel of the Birthing Tree

Location – Vildren

+ More Effective Druid and Nature Spells

+ More Effecient Plant Based Poisons and Potions

-Lowers Firearms and Technology Based Skills

-Less Respected by Technology Based Communities

Temple of New Worlds

Location – Vildren

+Better Searching and Tracking in Different Dimensions

+Better Harvesting of Different Dimensional Resources

Cult of Blood and Bone

Location – Darkwoods

+Significantly More Effective Blood Magic

+More Effective Bone Bending

- Casting Holy Magic Severely Damages the Caster

- Weak to Holy Magic

Cult of Tooth and Nail

Location – Darkwoods

+ Natural Weapons are Drastically More Effective

+ Natural Weapons and Body are Significantly More Durable

- Manufactured Weapons Become Significantly More Brittle

- Armor Becomes Much More Prone to Breaking

Cult of Soul and Sorrow

Location – Darkwoods

+/- Buff nor Debuffs Spells Have any Effect On You

+/- All Support Spells Have Inverted Effects

+ Increased Natural Healing

Hatty’s Chapel of Hats

Location – Brightlands

+All enchanted head-wear have increased effectiveness.


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